The Church’s worship year is divided into ‘seasons’, the main ones of which are Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Easter, Pentecost and ‘ordinary’ time. This helps us to always remember and celebrate key events in the life of Jesus, as well as helping to keep us rooted in the beliefs and traditions of our Christian faith. Each season has a particular colour associated with it, which you’ll see in the hangings on the altar and in the pulpit, as well as in what the priests wear at certain services: White/Gold is the colour of celebration – and as well as being used at Christmas, Easter and other celebratory feasts is also used at weddings and baptisms. Purple is the colour of penitence, preparation and mourning – used for Lent, Advent and at funerals. Red is used to depict the ‘flames’ of the Holy Spirit and also the blood of martyrs, so is used at Pentecost and on certain days when we remember particular saints, as well as on Good Friday. Green is the colour of ordinary time.
Each Sunday, there is usually at least one Eucharist (= ‘Thanksgiving’), also known as the Holy Communion.  In this, we remember Jesus’ call to break bread and drink wine together in order to remember him.  We recall – with thanksgiving – his death on the cross and celebrate his rising again from the dead.  
As a general rule the following pattern of services takes place each month, although there may be seasonal variations:

  Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5
8am Eucharist Eucharist Eucharist Eucharist Eucharist
10am Family Eucharist 
Suitable for children. No Sunday Club
Parish Eucharist

Sunday club for children

Non-Eucharist 3rd @ 10 café church in the Patterson Centre – with breakfast & coffee

suitable for children

Parish Eucharist

Sunday club for children

6:30pm Evening Prayer Evening Prayer Eucharist Evening Prayer Varies
NB. Evening Prayer may include Taizé, Celtic Prayers, Healing Service etc.