Life Events



We welcome all enquiries about having a marriage service at St Barnabas.  There are legal preliminaries that have to be met for a wedding to take place here.  Please contact the Vicar for an initial enquiry.


The church receives children with joy, especially for Baptism (also known as ‘Christenings’.)

Baptism is about believing and belonging. For some people believing comes first but for others, belonging is what feels more important and is what draws them into the family of the church. Research has shown that for many people believing follows on from belonging, from felling welcomed into a church community. Wherever you are ‘at’ on such matters, we warmly welcome you at St Barnabas, We heartily welcome you for all those key moment in you live, not least for baptism. At St Barnabas we primarily offer baptisms at 11:45am on the 3rd Sunday of each month, with upto 2 families per Baptism service. We will then invite you to come along to one of our main services not too long afterwards so that you can receive your baptism candle and be ‘officially’ welcomes into the church family, acknowledging that very important element of belonging.



Please speak to our Parish Office or the Revd Claire Towns if you would like to be confirmed.



The death of a loved one is a difficult time for friends and family. In many cases the funeral directors will make contact with us about holding a service in church.  However, If you wish to speak to someone for more information, please contact the Vicar